The Chantry

The Parisian Tremere



The Tremere in the city of Paris have maintained a fairly low profile. They rarely make appearances at Elysium, and when they do it is only in pairs and trios who primarily speak to the Prince and keep to themselves. Many kindred assume this weak presence is due to the bulk of their clan wishing simply to reside in Vienna, which is the Tremere seat of power. However, those “in the know” are aware of the fact that the Tremere have yet to establish a full and true chantry within the city. The previous three attempts to build one, over the last decade, have all been met with disaster.

Whispers say that the clan is cursed, and that Paris herself rejects their very presence. Others say a darker and more sinister influence has already taken root in Paris, and takes umbrage at the Tremere’s hubris.

Regardless of these rumors, a delegation from Vienna plans to visit Prince Michele D’aramitz to discuss the acquisition of property within the city limits that can serve as the foundation of their new chantry.


The Chantry

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