Conspiracy fanatic



Noah is Cassie’s latest project. He is still a fledgling vampire, and has yet to be Released. Thus, he is required to remain close his sire, at Elysium, at virtually all times.

He is clever and polite, and is generally well-liked. His Malkavian ancestry, however, is painfully obvious. He obsessively collects paper publications and is constantly viewing news sources on his many electronic devices. He has an entire ballroom table at Elysium reserved for himself, where he sprawls out his clippings and photographs and printouts. Twitching and muttering to himself, he pores over his webs, marking them with red, felt-tipped markers. If anyone disturbs his studies, he will immediately and frantically regale them with tales of patterns and conspiracies and nefarious plots.

Out of respect for his sire, most of the Elysium attendees have chosen to simply leave Noah alone.



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