Mortimer "Le Tort"

Nosferatu Scoundrel



Mortimer is a fairly recent arrival to Paris, but has managed to find excellent accommodations with the local Nosferatu. He works Elysium under the guise of being a rank-and-file information peddler, but word has crossed the pond that he is, in actuality, a notorious thief. His latest expedition resulted in a 40-minute blackout at the american football “super bowl” last year, though he will adamantly deny any involvement.

His reputation also comes with the nickname “The Pie” or “Le Tort,” though nobody seems to know where it came from or why. He hates being called by it. He has sneaky, underhanded ways of exacting revenge on those who insult him by his pastry-like moniker.

Word is he’s piecing together another heist, and is in the market for new talent to share in the profits. He’s also looking for new talentless chumps to take all the blame.


Mortimer "Le Tort"

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