Lucus White

Brujah Sheriff of Paris



Lucus is relatively new to his position, having risen through the Brujah ranks and taken the position of Sheriff of Paris in the mid-1960s. His predecessor (an elder Gangrel named Johannes) had maintained the Traditions with a fair an even hand. Everything changed when Lucas took over.

Lucus wields his power with an iron fist. He interprets the Traditions beneath strict guidelines, and he constantly entreats the Prince to provide him with clear-cut and definitive judgements. He never abuses his position, and has absolutely no tolerance for corruption within his ranks. Lax or selective enforcement of Kindred law is, in his eyes, no different than outright violation.

Many of the city’s Kindred have grown to despise Lucas, and they find him completely insufferable, in person. However, they cannot deny that Masquerade breaches and human casualty rates (either intentional or accidental) are at a historical low.


Lucus White

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