faithful, ignorant street rat


jack was given up at birth by her mother, a prostitute who got impregnated by a john. having been passed from one abusive foster home to another, she finally got sick of the abuse and ran away at age 10. she’s 15 now, having spent the last 5 years homeless, becoming a known, respected, and in some cases beloved presence on the streets of paris.

jack’s been a vampire for 6 months and doesn’t know it. she has a form of magical D.I.D. that didn’t manifest until her turning, and blacks out whenever she feeds – or commits any vampire-related act. her vampire self is someone she doesn’t know at all, and the two aren’t aware of each other.

despite the bitter violence of her life, jack retains a strong faith in Jesus and explains her vampiric abilities as gifts from Him, having no other way to account for them.

is very curious by nature; is driven to find out what is wrong with her and why she is losing time. has not been to any sort of health clinic, as they would find out she’s a runaway and force her to return to the foster system.

only speaks french, no other languages.


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