Cassius "Papa Night"

Nosferatu Primogen



Cassius is one of the Nosferatu who strives to break the mold. He is always well dressed and well-groomed, and much unlike his sewer-crawling brethren, he always smells quite pleasant. He is friendly and professional, and works closely with the Toreador.

To keep others from growing uncomfortable with his hideous appearance, he always attends Elysium with the same guise provided by his gift of “mask of a thousand faces:” Cassius is best recognized as a handsome african man with dreadlocks. Some say this appearance is drastically different from anything he looks like, even in his former mortal life.

Despite his clan-stereotype-defying style, he’s managed to seat himself as the leader of the Nosferatu in Paris. He’s old enough and wields significant power in the spheres of finance, secrets and physical strength. His online alias “P@p@ N1t3” has become his nickname amongst his friends. It’s no secret that he hates Michele D’aramitz with a fierce passion.


Cassius "Papa Night"

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