Aldrick Calpernius

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Aldrick Calpernius (not his real name) is the toast of Elysium. At least for the time being. He was once regarded as a pathetic, self-absorbed, and painfully mediocre Toreador artiste. But his status has rocketed to new heights as it has been revealed that he was the genius behind the infamous and (until recently unknown) Guerilla Artist that worked the Parisian underworld under the alias “The Quocker-wodger.”

Quocker-wodger had been known in Paris for the last couple decades as the creator of a set of breathtaking graffiti murals, depicting bizarre and macabre interweaving skulls, chains, labyrinths and puppet motifs. The artist had gathered a fanatical cult-following, consisting primarily of the Toreador vampires at Elysium.

Quocker-wodger’s sprawling masterpieces were never on any public display. In fact, they were created in a sequence of hard to locate, and increasingly difficult to access locations. Nobody seemed to have any idea how on earth any vampire (“A young Toreador, no less!!”) could even get into these places- let alone create such amazing art in total secrecy. The latest installment in the series was discovered within the foundations of Notre Dame, beneath the nave, on the ceiling of a limestone cavern. It was a mural depicting a congregation of hundreds of empty, skull-headed puppet children being led to a swirling vortex that, at its heart, was very similar to the rose window of the Cathedral. In order to even view the newest mural, one had to commission a personal escort of a knowledgable underworld dweller. The quocker-wodger installments are, for the most part, entirely inaccessible by human beings. The trip to the sites often require a pitch-black, underwater excursion that even a seasoned scuba diver could not survive. The Toreador took this as a particularly brilliant instance of nuance, as quocker-wodger required his viewers to face, and be unaffected, by the very act of drowning and death. The Toreador regarded these sites as if they were holy shrines, taking special glee in forming an exclusive community of fans and followers. It became a special badge of honor amongst the harpies to be one of the few individuals to view a quocker-wodger mural in real life. A handful of Nosferatu had, in response to this, turned the viewing tours into a highly lucrative business.

Now that Aldrick’s alter-ego has been revealed, he’s become the hottest commodity in Elysium. The harpies have flocked around him in droves, begging for his attentions and demanding custom, personalized pieces of his work. Aldrick’s star is rising, steeply, and he’s enjoying every moment of it.


Aldrick Calpernius

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