Luc Dupin

Nosferatu Info Broker


Luc Dupin was born in 1910 in a middle-class neighborhood in Paris, France. His father was a somewhat shady lawyer, and his mother ran a small pawn shop. Luc learned quickly from his parents, and was helping run the shop by the age of 15.

After Luc’s parents died of (genuinely) natural causes during the winter of 1937, Luc took over his mother’s shop. Because Luc was not a lawyer himself, he used his father’s contacts to start an information service on the side. The store proved to be an excellent front for this, and soon Luc was making most of his money trading information. The pawn shop also proved to be a great way to meet many of the small-time players in the Paris underworld, and soon Luc was trading information for services as a fence. Things were going great, and then Germany invaded for the second time in Luc’s life.

The June of 1940 proved to be momentous for Luc. When the Italians took Paris, chaos ensued. All existing power structures, including the vampiric ones, were briefly thrown into disarray while the occupation forces sorted everything out. During this time, a Nosferatu took advantage of the chaos to Embrace Luc, in hopes of gaining access to Luc’s information network.

Luc was furious! His appearance, while never a strong point, was now so obviously bad that he could no longer be seen in public. He managed to sell the store to a friend, and then found a new home in the catacombs.

Luc claimed he was burned by a grenade during the invasion, and the story matched his face closely enough that he wasn’t questioned on it too badly. By wearing a hat and staying in the shadows, he was able to continue his business from his new location. Indeed, once the Resistance formed, he was quite happy to sell them intelligence and smuggled weapons. Any rumors that he was also selling information to the Germans was, of course, simply absurd. How could he ever help those who had done this to his face?!

Luc came out of the war smelling like the proverbial roses, and used the postwar rebuilding period to build influence with the new government. Now, Luc knows everyone who is anyone in the Paris area, and often claims that he “knows when someone farts before they do.” While not physically imposing, he projects a strong air of confidence and strength. While not afraid to get his hands dirty when needed, he’d much rather arrange for information to come to him.

Luc Dupin

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